Workshop Medrecon 2022

Topics for scientific sessions

      1. Design and implementation of a mobile operating information management system based on electronic medical records
      2. Addressing the challenges for better medical record /health information management with respect to MCCD during covid-19 pandemic - an experience
      3. Medical records significance in clinical research
      4. Handling of MLC records by health team
      5. Standardization of Medical Records and Coding practices amongst the country,
      6. Problems faced in use of EHR and proposed solutions
      7. Provisions of the Information Technology Act in relation to use of HER
      8. Accreditations (National and International) requirement in MRD perspective, Using Quality tools for MRD Statistical data in to Business reviews etc..,.


      1. Held under the patronage of Central Bureau of Health Intelligence ( CBHI), DGHS ,MOH&FW, WHO,GOI)
      2. International participation
      3. Theme in line with National Initiatives on HERAI & E HEALTH
      4. Medical record transition to EMR in Government hospitals
      5. Speakers from International HIM Organizations
      6. Reflections sharing from HERAI international members & HIM Practitioners
      7. HIM workshops for students and HIM professionals
      8. National & International Keynote Speakers
      9. Focused Topic & Panel Discussions on
      10. SNOMED CT Implementation
      11. Health Information Governance
      12. Role of HIM in Public Health
      13. Managing Medical Records Department. Governing bodies shall opine about the brief retention policies with specificity, standardization on coding practices, standardization of professions
      14. Resolution and we will follow with the Governing bodies to find out the solutions on the matters discussed and can make these are amendment or guidelines.

Who Should Attend

      1. Medical Record and HIM Professionals/Students
      2. Medical Transcriptionist
      3. Medical Coders and Auditors
      4. Hospital Administrators
      5. Hospital IT Professionals
      6. Healthcare Quality Professionals
      7. Health Insurance Professionals
      8. Doctors and Nursing Professionals
      9. Paramedical and Allied Healthcare Professionals
      10. Hospital Administration Students

Scientific Committee & Contacts for Abstract Submission

1. Abstract/Poster Topics
      1. Clinical Coding Quality Improvement
      2. Clinical Documentation Improvement
      3. HIM Innovations & Transformations/HIM Education and Development
      4. Data Analytics , Data Quality Improvement & Health Statistics
      5. EHR, HIM role in EHR Transition
      6. HIM’s role in Clinical Transformation and Workflow Improvement
      7. HIM Principles and Legal Aspects
      8. Terminology Standards, ICD10, ICD11 , ICF, SNOMED CT
      Final Date of Submission: 15th JAN 2022
      Email Address:
2. Submission Guide Lines Abstract for Scientific Session
      1. Clinical Coding Quality Improvement
      2. HIM Education & career path
      3. Data analytics & Health Statistics
      4. Differentiation and features of coding patterns – Domestic & International
      5. Vast features of SNOMED CT
      6. Business intelligence using ICD coding & MRD data
      7. Clinical Document Improvement programs
      8. HIM Concepts, Principles & Legal aspects
      9. Standardization of Terminologies
      10. Standardization of Insurance requirements
      11. Importance of MRD in Accreditation (National and International)
      12. Advantages & disadvantage of outsourcing the records for storage.
3. Guidelines for Abstract submission
      1. Abstract shall not exceed 05 to 06 pages.
      2. Presentation shall be on SMART goal guidelines.
      3. Authentication reference / guidelines shall be highlighted at the last page of the abstract.
      4. Microsoft word format with times new roman font sizing between 12 & 14.
      5. Pictures between the abstract should be sent in JPEG format only
      6. Abstract to details about author with photo, name designation and qualification in first page
4. Best presentation would be recognized and awarded with cash prize and momentum. Audiance
      1. Medical Records Professionals.
      2. Medical / Paramedical Students
      3. Lecturers / Faculties of same domain
      4. Medical Administrators
      5. Medical Heads
      6. Clinical data analysts
      7. Research organizations
      8. Insurance companies / Third party administrators
      9. Record management service companies
      10. Information technology professionals
      11. HMIS companies
      12. Coding / Transcription companies
5. Poster & Mime Presentation Topics
      1. Health information management process improvements.
      2. Business intelligence using Clinical coding & Data
      3. Features of Data Governance & Health Intelligence
      4. Transition of MRD to HIM
      Last date of registration: 15th JAN 2022
      Website: WWW.MEDRECON2022.COM
      Email Address:
      Contact No: 9987330365/8770508046
      For more information / registration, please contact:
      Kalleshwara I T

      Organizing Chairperson